MLK, 50 years later: any progress?

This week on The Broad Perspective Greg and I talk about progress in race relations over the last 50 years.    Some days it seems like we have come a long way and then I turn on the TV and  there is another police shooting of a black man or I read about some statistic that says we haven’t come very far at all.    I’d like to think that in California (where I live) there is has been a great deal of progress but clearly this the case everywhere.  Even here things happen that make me scratch my head and go, “huh”?.. Kevin is a brilliant young man who frequently records on the Broad Perspective. He brings a fresh perspective to our show.  Recently he  (and his dogs) was visiting my home and he took them our for a walk.  We are semi-rural with a sparse spattering of homes.  One of my neighbors asked him what he was doing in our neighborhood and he replied “talking my dogs for a walk”.  The neighbor called the police.  Kevin is black.  Would he have called the police if he has been a white male walking his dogs?  I don’t think so, and times like this make me think that we haven’t come very far at all.   One step forward and two steps back.