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We are always working through something

We are always working through something.  Some of us create drama and thrive on it, others try to avoid drama at all costs, but some sort of drama or conflict is constantly seeking to invade our space.  We can’t get through life without it, nor should we.  It is at...


“Self Love”.  We hear those words quite frequently these days, but do we ever take time to truly think about what they mean?    On the Broad Perspective we have discussed this subject many times.  Know Thyself.  The greatest commandment ever given.  The words we above...

What is the true nature of living?

(What is) the true nature of living?  This is a question which could be answered differently by anyone who is willing to dip their toes into the well of self-discovery.  The water is sometimes cool and refreshing , others is might be murky and dark.  If we buy into...

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