We are always working through something

We are always working through something.  Some of us create drama and thrive on it, others try to avoid drama at all costs, but some sort of drama or conflict is constantly seeking to invade our space.  We can’t get through life without it, nor should we.  It is at these times that we have an opportunity to learn more of who we are.  Drama and conflict provide us with opportunities to ask ourselves the questions that we need to ponder.

We alone install the buttons others seemingly push.  Until we figure out the installation process our buttons will be like a beacon….”PUSH ME”……then we get upset and wonder why somebody actually pushes it.   Figure it out.

Without the challenges we would never grow as human beings.   Growth is a good thing.  It is through these experiences we have a chance to find peace.  We can’t get there without it.

“Know thyself”.

It’s a journey that might involve pain, but can be followed by joyous wisdom and maturity.  Enjoy the ride.