What is the true nature of living?

(What is) the true nature of living?  This is a question which could be answered differently by anyone who is willing to dip their toes into the well of self-discovery.  The water is sometimes cool and refreshing , others is might be murky and dark.  If we buy into the common propaganda we must live as long as possible and makes the sacrifices we are told we must do.  Exercise.  Lots of it.   Organic foods.   Graze.  Sacrifice.  Avoid stress.  Sleep.  Sleep some more then get up and start it all over again.   So we can prolong life.  Live longer in old age.

Now if we were a culture that revered the elderly and appreciated the wisdom that comes with aging, it might make at least a modicum of sense.  But we don’t.  We worship youth and beauty.    Oh, and money.  Lots of that too.

We can spend our lives “running to the grave”. Or slow down and enjoy the view, come what may.